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Groundwork Trial Consulting is a full service litigation support firm based in Chicago, Illinois. We create trial presentations, provide trial AV, and serve as trial consultants. We build demonstratives, train on software, deliver hardware, and provide insights and expertise. 

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Webinar: Using iPads to Make Persuasive Arguments at Trial

This webinar is being presented by Clear Law Institute. I originally conducted this webinar back in February, 2018, and they've asked me to conduct it again.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to incorporate an iPad into your next trial. You will learn the concept of non-linear software and receive training on TrialPad, a trial presentation software. You will learn the overall workflow for getting documents from paper and hard drives onto screens for your jurors to view. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Publish exhibits to a jury screen via iPad
  • Zoom in, highlight, or otherwise annotate exhibits on a screen
  • Create a case file on the iPad to load your trial exhibits
  • Add new exhibits on the iPad over the course of trial
  • Create shortcuts and folders to organize your exhibits per witness and to prepare for openings and closings using your iPad
  • Import and present a PowerPoint from your iPad
  • Detail the strengths and limitations of PowerPoint for the iPad
  • Describe what kinds of adapters you will need to connect to different potential projector/AV configurations in state or federal courts
Earlier Event: April 25