Groundwork Trial Consulting

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Groundwork Trial Consulting is a full service litigation support firm based in Chicago, Illinois. We create trial presentations, provide trial AV, and serve as trial consultants. We build demonstratives, train on software, deliver hardware, and provide insights and expertise. 

Website Update

This was an update that was long overdue, but we've finally moved off of our prior webhost to a squarespace site. Previously, I had been averse to a service like SquareSpace or Wix because I had felt that, as professional storytellers and creators of demonstratives, we needed to completely build and design the site ourselves. Adobe Muse was the last product we had used to make our website.

But after dealing with a difficult webhost and my romanticism with the notion that we custom build everything, I realized that we hadn't updated the site in three or four years (even despite the fact that we had even moved office locations). And the website wasn't something that reflected our aesthetic, our work ethic, or our identity. 

With this new, mobile first format, we will be able to keep you up to date with our people, our public speaking engagements, our YouTube videos (posted twice per week), our Instagram posts (posted every weekday), and our revived blog. 

While I have given up some control in terms of using a template that we didn't design ourselves, I am hoping to focus on content and currency.