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We provide AV equipment rentals for mediations, arbitrations, and trials:

   • high brightness projector

   • pro-grade projection screen

   • document camera

   • monitors

   • DVD player

Not all courtrooms have AV equipment pre-installed. Some courtrooms have insufficient AV equipment. Based on the size and location of your courtroom, we can help you determine the equipment you need.


Our rental packages include delivery, setup, technical support, takedown, and removal.



We are experts in electronic evidence. We ensure that your digital films, video surveillance footage, and videotaped discovery depositions are prepared for maximum impact at trial.

We work with you to create dynamic opening statements and engaging closing argument presentations that will captivate juries.


We can create graphics, timelines, illustrations, and demonstratives to help distill your theory of the case.



We are licensed attorneys who constantly go to trial with our clients. We are leaders in our field who speak frequently at CLEs, teach litigation technology at law schools, and create training programs for attorneys and paralegals.

We can go to trial with you to run the hardware and software during you trial. Our expertise in trial presentation software and hardware gives you peace of mind to know that your trial exhibits will go up smoothly.


2014: From Openings to Close: Using Laptops and iPads in the Courtroom to Publish Exhibits at Trial. Hosted by Whiting Law Group and Goldberg Weisman Cairo.


2013: Litigation Technology: Tools for the Courtroom. Presented to the DuPage County Bar Association.

2012: Using Video as Demonstrative Evidence. Presented to the Wisconsin Bar Association.


2012: Effective Jury Management through Demonstratives. Presented as part of the Law Bulletin 2012 Jury Management Conference.


2012: iPad and Tablets in the Courtroom. Presented to the Illinois State Bar Association.


2011: Courtroom Technology Seminar. Hosted by the Southern District of Illinois and Southern Illinois University School of Law.


2010: Using Technology in Directs and Crosses. Presented to the Chicago Bar Association.


Most of the trials we support are at the Daley Center. To better support your trials, we have our office just a couple blocks away.

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